Russell Ingram


Russell Ingram
Russell Ingram

Russell Ingram is a seasoned Financial Advisor with a proven track record of guiding individuals and families towards their financial aspirations. With a dedication to delivering comprehensive financial solutions, Russell has established himself as a respected expert in the field.
Russell’s journey in the world of finance began at the University of Mississippi, where he graduated in 2008 with a remarkable double major in Managerial Finance and Economics. Eager to further refine his expertise, he pursued higher education at Tulane University, earning a Master of Finance degree in 2009.

In 2010, Russell’s professional path led him to Johnson City, TN, where he joined forces with his father, Duke Ingram, a veteran in the financial industry. Drawing from his academic achievements and guided by his father’s mentorship, Russell seamlessly transitioned into his role as a financial advisor. With unwavering dedication and a deep commitment to his clients’ financial well-being, he has been helping individuals and families navigate the complexities of investment, wealth management, and financial planning ever since.

Beyond his thriving career, Russell cherishes his role as a family man. He is a devoted husband to Anna and a proud father to two boys, Jack and Rhett. Russell’s family values are not only the cornerstone of his personal life but also the driving force behind his genuine and empathetic approach to financial advising.

With a blend of academic excellence, hands-on experience, and a heartwarming commitment to his family and clients, Russell Ingram stands as a beacon of financial wisdom and integrity. His holistic understanding of finance, coupled with his personable nature, makes him the ideal partner for those seeking to achieve their financial dreams. Whether you’re planning for the future, seeking investment guidance, or aiming to secure your family’s financial legacy, Russell Ingram is here to guide you every step of the way.

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